Gavel is easy to use legal automation software that offers client intake workflows, robust document automation and more. The solution enables teams to create interview questions for forms, collect and populate answers with data and share them via PDF or Word documents. It also allows them to configure naming convention, duplicate documents for repeating items and modify display settings for end-users. It also enables them to add branching logic and set up multiple question types such as text, text area, checkboxes, yes/no, dropdown, number and date.

The platform provides a dashboard to view active warrants, a search function and state-approved warrant forms. It supports multiple languages and a custom UI that facilitates document creation and processing. It also helps in reducing unplanned overtime by enabling public safety officers to take action quickly when they have probable cause to act. It also helps in minimizing errors in paperwork and filing by providing a centralized system for all warrant processes and legal review.

FusionStak has established a partnership with the National Command and Staff College to offer its CloudGavel users access to their online training courses at discounted rates. This is aimed at boosting leadership training for law enforcement professionals.

The company provides a secure and private online database of arrest and bench warrants, allowing officers to track their case progress in real time. It has a streamlined eWarrant workflow system that allows officers to submit warrants from anywhere and at any time on any device. This also eliminates the need for judicial review and reduces costs related to travel and paper copies. cloud gavel

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