A PC case is the clearest expression of a build’s aesthetic, and there are many beautiful options to choose from. But it’s also essential to ensure that the case you select satisfies a number of important functions.

Choosing the right case for your build is a crucial step, and we’ve got a guide to help you get started. First, you need to decide on a form factor, and then make sure the case supports your intended motherboard. Then you’ll want to consider additional features, such as cooling (we recommend at least two fans for optimal airflow) and cable management. Finally, you’ll need to check whether the case is compatible with your power supply, and ensure it has enough space for everything you plan on installing.

The best PC cases come in a variety of styles and materials, from ultra-modern aluminum to gorgeous tempered glass. Some are even designed to be the centerpiece of a room, like the desk-double-as-PC Lian Li DK-04F. Others offer a more minimalist design, with clean lines that don’t distract from the hardware inside.

Then there are the more extravagant options, such as the Corsair Obsidian 1000D, a behemoth that’s ready to support the biggest and boldest builds today. And there are even wild concept cases, such as the motorized, sadly discontinued In Win H-Tower, which opens like a flower.

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