When looking to add extra space to your home, a conservatory is one of the best options you could choose. It not only allows you to enjoy your garden all year round, but it can also be used as a lounge, dining room or study.

A conservatory can also bring a lot of light into your property, meaning that it will brighten up any part of your house where it is installed. It is easy to see why these rooms have gained so much traction in recent years. There are many different types of conservatories to choose from, with some being more expensive than others. However, AQW can help you to make the best choice for your needs and budget, offering everything from simple lean-to conservatories to orangeries that are designed to blend into the existing home through their brickwork.

Choosing the right conservatory style is a big decision, and you should think carefully about what you plan to use it for before making any decisions. Falcon Installations recently installed a new conservatory for Mr Charles, who wanted to use it as a family dining area. The uPVC patio doors and windows were chosen in a white colour to match the rest of his property, and the Ultrasky roof helps to let in plenty of natural light.

The cheapest type of conservatory is the Lean-to design, which sits against the longest rectangular section of your home’s exterior wall. This is a cheap and effective way to add more space, and can be easily adapted into any type of living room or study.

Another popular conservatory style is the Victorian. This option features between three and five facets to create a bay window effect, which can really open up your space. This option can also be combined with a pitched roof, bringing in more light.

The Edwardian conservatory is a more subtle and classic option, with a flat front and a square or rectangular shape. This style is more versatile than the ornate Victorian conservatory, and works well with all kinds of homes.

For a more modern and spacious option, you could consider a P-Shape or L-Shape conservatory. These styles offer a central projection and work well on larger detached properties. They are ideal for families who want to use the longer part of their conservatory as a lounge or dining room, with the smaller curved or square section working as a children’s play area.

A contemporary option is the Skyroom, which features a sleek and slim internal ridge and rafter sections. This makes the structure more streamlined, and it is also highly energy efficient with an Ultrasky roof that can be fitted with a glass lantern roof for even more natural light. The Skyroom can be combined with bi-folding doors and is available in a range of colours to suit your home. To find out more, visit our showroom in Swansea today. Or you can contact us online to discuss your requirements with our friendly team. conservatories swansea

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