Early Learning Centres

Early learning centres offer a safe and nurturing environment that helps children grow physically, socially and emotionally, and prepares them for school and life. They are an important part of a child’s healthy development, and high quality early learning programs are an investment in children’s future.

PEI has many early learning and child care providers offering a variety of services, including licensed childcare, preschool, kindergarten, and after-school programs. You can find child care and other early learning programs in your area, and learn about help paying for child care, on the COMPASS website.

Early learning and child care professionals who work in a licensed centre are required to complete training modules in Bulletin 137. These online courses are designed for administrators, directors or director designees and teachers in licensed early learning and child care centres.


A community at level 3 has a high level of parent leadership and engagement in early learning. Children are offered a variety of learning opportunities in the community including preschool, kindergarten, home-based care and other community programs. Children spend multiple years with the same teacher enabling the teacher to build a deep understanding of each child’s strengths and needs. Children also spend time in the science, technology, engineering and maths classrooms, allowing them to explore and solve problems. Cache level 3 and Early learning centres

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