The MP4 player are considered as one of the higher version of the multimedia player and because of this it is capable to play any type of file like audio or video file with the same extension. The MP4 player are capable to play file of any format and one of the famous model of the mp4 players that came in the market is the TFT screen touch MP4 player. The mp4 players come with a USB port that can support any type of data transmission at a very fast rate so the transfer of data takes place at a very fast rate. The mp4 players also come with a plug and play feature. There are different companies that sell mp4 players and so based on your budget you can buy the best one for yourself. Some of the important tips that you should consider when going for the MP4 player are as follows:

  • The MP4 player that you are going to buy for it you have to look at the internal memory of the music player. Based on the size of the internal memory you can store the audio as well as video file as well movies and other mp3 songs in it. The internal storage size of this type of music players ranges from 250 MB till 10 GB. So before going for it you have to check the storage size if the storage capacity of the MP4 player is more then you can store more music files in it. Some of the model also comes with flash memory too.
  • The next thing that you have to consider when going for the MP4 player is the battery life of the player because based on it will depend how long your music player can function. You have also to check if your MP4 player comes with Ac or DV adapter or not because these two adapters will help you in charging the battery quickly.
  • The next thing that you have to look before going for the MP4 player is the size of the player. The MP4 player is available in different sizes and some of the player comes with a larger screen while some with shorter screen. Some of the MP4 player also comes with music recording capability. The LCD screen size of the MP4 player comes in 1.8″ or 2″ or 2.5 “or 3” and based on the screen size you can have a better visibility. youtube mp4 converter

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