Blue topaz is a favorite gemstone for many reasons. It’s inexpensive compared to diamonds and is a perfect choice for anyone who loves a sparkling gemstone but doesn’t want to wear a diamond. It’s also said to be a great stone for those who suffer from anxiety and depression, as it brings peace of mind and joy to the wearer.

The color of treated blue topaz can vary from London Blue, with a deep richness, Sky Blue, which looks like the sky on a clear summer day, and Swiss Blue, with a light, robin’s egg depth. Most often, treated blue topaz is heat-treated to increase its hardness and durability. While the color of a blue topaz gemstone is important, its clarity is more crucial to its value. It is best to buy a blue topaz that’s eye-clean, meaning that you can’t see any inclusions when looking at the gem.

While topaz rings are popular, they can be paired with other stones in a variety of ways. Diamonds are often used as accents in blue topaz rings, creating a halo effect. Other stones that pair well with blue topaz include sapphire, citrine, and amethyst. The blue topaz’s calming energy is a good match for these other gems, as it helps them to resonate more powerfully.

It’s not unusual to find a blue topaz ring featuring these other stones, as the pairing offers a more colorful and eye-catching look. The beauty of blue topaz is that it’s available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and cuts. In addition to round topaz, you can also purchase it in ovals, princess cuts, marquises, pear shapes, hearts, emerald cuts, and pear shapes. These other shapes make it easy to find a ring that suits your personal style.

The most popular cut for blue topaz is the round shape, which can be found in all of the above shapes and is a staple for engagement rings. The round shape is also commonly found in pendants and earrings. Blue topaz is also a great option for a cluster ring with other gemstones, including diamonds.

This stone is known for enhancing communication and heightening psychic powers. It is particularly helpful with issues related to the throat and head, shifting migraine pressure, acting as a stress reliever for jaw clenching, and soothing sore throats. It also boosts self-confidence and enables you to listen to inner guidance more effectively. It’s also a powerful aid for people who have a fear of public speaking and can help you to amplify your voice.

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