Whether you’re considering retiring abroad or just dreaming about it, the possibilities are almost endless. But, you’ll want to choose a place that meets your specific needs, including affordability, culture, quality healthcare and the right climate for you. To help, we’ve gathered information about some of the most popular destinations worldwide for retirement.

You’ll find familiar, warm spots known for their expat communities—like Mexico and Costa Rica. But, you’ll also see a few unexpected locales that have popped up on multiple best places to retire lists.

The Latin American country has an abundance of sunny beaches, jungles and vibrant cities. It’s no wonder that it’s ranked as the top location in both International Living and Live and Invest Overseas annual rankings of the best places to retire abroad. The ranking takes into account a variety of factors, including infrastructure, ease of finding work and residence, cost of living, weather, safety, entertainment and more.

Playa del Carmen, in particular, has drawn a lot of attention from retirees. It has a vibrant and active expat community, as well as an excellent health system. International Living cites its pristine beaches, beautiful water and a wide range of restaurants as some of the most appealing reasons to live there.

Ecuador straddles the equator and offers the opportunity to experience an array of climates. You can pick from the mountains, a tropical coast or a colonial city—making it one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world. In fact, it’s a favorite for many eco-conscious retirees. In addition to its natural beauty, Ecuador has a low cost of living and an affordable healthcare system.

A relatively small and safe country, Uruguay has an appealing mix of urban and rural living. It’s relaxed, easy to navigate and has a low cost of living. The population is diverse, and the capital city of Montevideo has plenty to do, from parks and public squares to trendy cafes, as well as a waterfront walkway that stretches 13 miles.

Malaysia is another exotic and inexpensive option for retirees. English is widely spoken and healthcare costs are substantially less than in the United States. You’ll also find an increasing number of expats living in the country, and it’s a great destination for those who are looking to make their dollars stretch further.

While the Netherlands is a top destination, you should keep in mind that the country requires everyone to have private health insurance. That said, it still ranks high on the list of best places to retire in Europe, based on its low cost of living and high quality of life. The Dutch are known for their friendly attitude and a strong sense of community, which makes it a desirable place to settle down. However, the Netherlands’ high property taxes can offset these benefits. Best place to retire in the world

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