If you’re considering a solid conservatory roof, there are many benefits to consider. For one, the new roof will significantly improve the insulation of your conservatory meaning it will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This will be great if you want to use your conservatory all year round, regardless of the weather conditions.

Solid roofs for conservatories are typically made of lightweight tiles that come in a wide range of colours and styles. This allows them to blend seamlessly with the existing structure of your conservatory and make it feel more like a room that’s part of your home. They can also be a more cost-effective option than a glass or polycarbonate roof as they don’t require the same level of maintenance.

Another benefit of a solid replacement roof is that it will reduce the amount of sunlight entering your conservatory, preventing it from becoming overly hot and reducing your energy bills in the process. This is a key factor for some homeowners, particularly those who are using their conservatory as a home office or workroom.

One thing to keep in mind with a solid roof is that it is much heavier than the existing lightweight conservatory roof, so it’s important to check if your conservatory can handle the extra weight before opting for a replacement roof. This is especially crucial if the existing roof was designed to support glass or polycarbonate panels, which may need reinforcing to cope with the additional weight.

If the original conservatory was built before the early Noughties, then it’s highly likely that it won’t be able to hold a solid roof without significant structural improvements. This is because the roof joists will need to be strengthened and any existing glazing will have to be replaced to accommodate the extra weight of a solid conservatory roof.

It’s worth noting that if you choose to install a solid conservatory roof, it will be required by law for your local council to carry out building regulations certification. This is something that you should discuss with your approved Ultra Installer, who can help you design your replacement roof and liaise with your council to get the project signed off.

A solid conservatory roof will add value to your home owing to the improved usability and aesthetics that it creates. If you’re looking to sell your property in the future, this could prove to be an invaluable asset, making your home more attractive to prospective buyers and potentially shortening the time it takes to find a buyer.

With a bespoke roof fitted by a qualified installer, your conservatory will be transformed into a truly all-year-round living space. It will be cool and comfortable in the summer, warm and cosy in the winter and a bright space for you to use as you wish. To see what a difference it can make, speak to a qualified installer today. They’ll be able to offer expert advice on the benefits of a solid roof and how it can transform your home. solid conservatory roof

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