So, what’s the big secret of Sally’s Apizza? Simple: great pizza.

If you want to have excellent pizza you need to search it out. And that is exactly what we discovered during our latest visit to Sally’s Apizza on Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut.

An inside trick is to get there early. Sally’s opens at 5:00 P.M. (They are closed on Mondays). We got there at 4:30. There were only two parties in front of us so we knew we would make the first seating.

Another trick is to know what you want before your waiter or waitress comes. Make sure you decide what you want. The pizzas at Sally’s come out as they are ordered. Each pizza is lovingly constructed by hand, and that takes time. So the quicker you get your order in the quicker your pizza will come out.

A visit to Sally’s is like stepping back in time. You will find the interior to be exactly as it was in the 50’s. Sure there are numerous plaques and diversions on the walls. But believe me, little has changed since the day’s when Salvatore Consiglio made the pizza there. And that is one of the real charms to going to Sally’s.

On this trip we really scrutinized the menu. We wanted to see if there were any secrets there. And here is what we found. The prices are in two words, very inexpensive. You can have 3 sizes of pizza, small, medium and large. We opted for a small cheese (about $6.00), a small potato pizza, large bacon and a medium anchovy. You will not find pizza at this price, anywhere.

You also need to specify that you want mozzarella on the pizza. After we ordered, I needed to move our car into the Sally’s parking lot. (OK, I was illegally parked). As I started to drive off, I noticed that our waitress was running next to the car asking me if I wanted mootz (mozzarella) on our pizza. We did. Talk about service.

The pizzas were excellent. Each pizza was very thin and tasty. The crust was tender but with a slight crunch to it. Incredibly delicious. When I eat pizza, I appreciate a thin crust. And Sally’s did not disappoint.

The entire operation is totally family run. On this evening, Rick Consiglio was in back making the pizzas. He had a couple of helpers doing prep work and manning the oven.

Brother Bobby was working the floor, with able assistance from Sister Ruth. And Mama Flo had her hands in everything. Sometimes she was totaling the checks, sometimes she was helping with the prep. The family that makes pizza together, stays together. The Consiglio family is very close.

Sally’s Apizza was named by pizza expert Ed Levine, in his book, A Slice of Heaven, as one of the “Keepers of the Flame”. Certainly a more fitting tribute cannot be given. Thanks for the insights, Ed.

Honestly, Sally’s is one of the most unique pizzerias in the United States. If for no other reason, than it is a total family operation. But it is much, much, more. They make great pizza and they are passionate about their pizza. The Consiglio’s are carrying on the legacy of Sally’s. One pizza at a time.

And of course, there is always the rivalry between Pepe’s Fans and Sally’s Fans. I won’t even begin to address that issue of which one is better. That is something, you, dear pizza eater, will have to decide. But as Jon F. stated it’s hard to argue about perfection when both Pepe’s and Sally’s are perfect.

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